Coming soon to Melbourne Australia's first Bunny Cafe

The bunny cafe

No ordinary Melbourne Cafe
Bringing bunnies and people together over coffee

We have a dream... To launch Australia's first bunny rabbit cafe. Working closely with a famous local bunny Orphanage, Victorias first no-kill rabbit shelter, we will foster buns in the cafe and help them find their forever home!


Thank you to everyone who has donated or shopped with us to raise these funds. We do not require any more funding. We are currently looking for premises to open the Bunny Cafe
$ 11,981

Please note, this figure is total donations received through IndieGoGo less their 9% fee and PayPal’s 3% transaction fee. The figure is also less our expenses in running the campaign which is ONLY the purchase and postage costs of all Perks. No other amounts have been deducted. The figure also includes donations received through this page, again less Paypal’s 3%. We continue to receive donations and so this figure should slowly increase. We will try to update regularly.


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