Ever wondered why we’re opening a Bunny Cafe?

Just over 2 years ago this little monkey below appeared in Helen’s mums back garden.

She had no name at this point and we had no clue about rabbits so she was kept free roaming in the garden for a few weeks.

After doing some research and contacting Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage (RRO) in Olinda, we realised she needed to be inside, so we took her in and started the roller-coaster journey that house-rabbit ownership is.

We decided she needed a companion and as we were planning to take a short trip, thought this an ideal time to leave her with RRO to get her vaccinated and neutered, and to find her a new friend. Before we left, Helen named her ‘Milk Candy’ after a small white sweet she used to have as a child. I won’t lie, Helen was hopeful of having a super-cute fuzzy lop running around the house when we returned but as it happened Milk Candy chose a rather jittery bush bunny, pictured below:

After Helen got over her disappointment and I got through the trauma of multiple scratches and having my favourite shirt ripped to pieces, we decided to name him ‘Trouble’.

We put up with him because Milk Candy loves him otherwise he’d be packing his bags by now (joking of course). He’s a sweetheart and just needed time to adjust.

The Bunny Cafe

A few months later, after spending time at RRO and seeing how much they struggle with VET bills,  re-homing and generally doing what they do we starting thinking of ways to help. Having watched the Cat Cafe’s spring up throughout the country, we thought why not a Bunny Cafe. The answer was pretty obvious, we couldn’t have rabbits running around a cafe! That however didn’t stop us hatching a plan to work around the problem and finally coming up with the venture we have now. We knew straight way that it would work and so kicked off our Crowd Funding campaign pretty much straight away.

Milk Candy

So there you have it, a little white rabbit wandered into our lives and now a Bunny Cafe is coming to Melbourne.

Milk Candy & Trouble

As for our two, they now live free roaming in the house with regular outdoor time. Milk Candy loves strokes and attention while Trouble, usually looking wild-eyed will now tolerate a 2 second stroke before hopping off to chew something. We love them with all our hearts and fully understand why rabbits change peoples lives. Amazing animals, absolutely heaps of trouble, but totally worth it.

Feel free to tell us how your bunny(s) changed your life…



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