Why do we love Bunnies so much?

Ok so first off, this is The Bunny Cafe Melbourne’s first ever blog post, by me. Me being David, one of the co-founders who’s been given the task of keeping everyone up-to-date with Cafe developments. I’m not a blogger. Well maybe I am now seeing as I’m writing one, hmmm. I’m also not a writer so forgive the grammar, spelling and wacky use of punctuation, I’m doing my best.

Secondly, this first post is more of an excuse to post some cute bunny photos than a progress update. Promise they will be coming.

So, in order to answer the question of ‘Why do we love Bunnies so much’, here goes:

They have Character


A photo posted by Plyor (@chub_bun) on

They’ll love you back, if you treat them right.

A photo posted by Fabbunnies (@fabbunnies) on

Can fly – no, honest they can.

Some are famous, like really famous!

Some are….well, different.

A photo posted by Bunny Pigi (@bunnypigi) on

This one is working out. They rarely do.

A photo posted by newpon (@newpon) on

They are the sweetest.

A photo posted by shino3 (@koume_tan) on

And simply Precious in every way

A photo posted by yun.ゆん (@march.lemon) on

What reasons do you love bunnies so much?

2 thoughts on “Why do we love Bunnies so much?

  • I love rabbits because they give out so much love understanding always there for you
    No matter what , can make you feel better about your self if you feel down , make you happy and be apart of the family as we have had ours 10 years now , and he thinks he is human as he understand what I am saying

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